Thursday, 11 October 2012

Michael Sfera's Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

1. Select your theme and book your venue and ceremony destination first.
2. Use a comprehensive checklist and create an inspiration book.
3. Create a point of difference (I call it "Theatre") something that defines your wedding as unique. This could be a dramatic entrance, unique transport, photo booth, fireworks, lanterns, unique food experience or venue setting.
4. Select reliable and trustworthy wedding suppliers, where possible get personal endorsements or ask to see their past client endorsements when you are meeting with them. Where possible always aim to get a minimum of three quotes for services, always keep an eye on hidden costs, and compare ‘apples for apples’. Aim to get written supplier agreements or contracts for all services.
5. If possible with your theme, organise everything close by or in the same location. Our venue for example offers ceremony, photo opportunities in nearby parklands, ballrooms for your reception and accommodation, all in the one location saving you large wedding car transport fees.
6. Economies of Scale. Understand your bargaining position; weddings with large numbers (over 250 people) are not as commonplace as smaller receptions and very lucrative for venues, caterers, florists, décor providers and so on. You should be able to negotiate discounts or complimentary upgrades. Are you organising two events at the same place? Is one of your relatives also interested in booking the same florist or the same photographer? This is a dream come true for a supplier; one sale equals two weddings and the chance of more.

 7. Use facebook to create your own personalised wedding page, if you are having an overseas wedding you could even stream your wedding ceremony live.

8. Use venues or caterers that specialise in weddings where possible rather than venues or restaurants that rarely do weddings. Significant expertise in process and management of wedding receptions is invaluable to ensure your wedding runs smoothly.

9. Hold a Friday or Winter Wedding and have the wedding of your dreams for approximately 15% off across the board. All services need turnover in the off peak seasons so approach all of the wedding services with discounts or special deals in mind. What’s great about this is that it’s not just the venue, nearly all services can provide discounts and sometimes winter can produce some great weather.
10. Do your research, generally speaking the information, advice and help you are looking for is so readily available online or in wedding planning books. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of your suppliers and for their advice.

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